Simone's brother, CH Ruby Dee's Cohiba BH, ROM Cuba finished at 12 months taking the breed from the 12-18 puppy class under Judge Chuck Winslow at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club show.  As fate would have it, he was handled that day by breeder/owner Joseph Smith, making Cuba the first of his dogs he would finish.   Cuba was presented by Bill Shelton for the majority of his Championship points.  Cuba went on to earn his WAC at 3 years of age.  Cuba resides at his new home in Alpharetta, CA with Joseph and Janis Smith, now training for his Schutzhund titles, recently earning his BH title with owner/handler/breeder Joseph Smith to complete his ROM title.  Cuba's having fun running around his new 3 acre yard with his mom, Viva!

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Simone's other brother, Conan, CH Ruby Dee's Montecristo WAC started with a 5 point major in Redwood Empire and finished with a 4 point major in th Carmel DPC Specialty '09. Conan was pointed primarily by Bill Shelton and Pete Ventura.  Conan is owned by Jack and Karol Moncrief and Joseph and Janis Smith.  The 3rd in the litter, his finishing makes our Viva/Lex breeding an all Champion litter, all prior to 3 years of age.  All 3 littermates earned their WAC on 6/5/10 to become an all WAC litter at 3 years old.

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